Are Vaccines Really Going To Save Us?

As you will see in a video interview from June of 2020, in the very last link below, Bill Gates is interviewed and says in the video, “the elderly are going to suffer and die from the vaccines in greater numbers than other age groups.”

Below are close to four pages of reports, 35 and counting as I add more, from around the world.

But, it’s worth it, Gates says in the video, because the younger people will help stop the spread of the disease. Really? So, in Bill Gates’s opinion, we should sacrifice some elderly folks to stop the spread, so the elderly folks, who are the ones mostly affected by the virus won’t get sick and die from it? All the while he’s invested in the companies producing and/or selling vaccines to the Governments around the world.  The problem though, now as you will read below, younger people are also dying after taking the vaccines.

The million-dollar question, are we willing to sacrifice the few for the many when most people are asymptomatic and 99.9% don’t die from it? Apparently, Bill Gates and many public health officials are willing to sacrifice the few, even if there is no real significant risk to the many.

Add in the fact that Doctors all over the world are using drugs such as Ivermectin, Budesonide, Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin in various protocols to cure Covid-19 and one might say “Houston we have a problem and I think it’s Houston”.  Here’s Dr. Pierre Kory, an MD at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee, in a U.S. Senate hearing, begging U.S. health Officials to just review their findings on the use of this drug and it’s results.

For me, I’m not willing to be one of their sacrificial lambs by taking experimental mRNA drug therapies, because I know from history, it is rare when the ends justify the means. Especially when there are ways to boost our immune systems with natural products and food.

In the article, the Chief Medical Officer for Moderna Admits Their mRNA Vaccine Alters Our DNA

As you will see, people around the U.S. and world, are dying from both annual flu vaccines, as well as dying from the Covid-19 drug therapies they are calling vaccines. 

While Health officials and the drug companies are telling us they’re safe, why are people all over the world dying and getting injured, right after they are being vaccinated? And “Why” has the U.S. Government paid out over $4.5 billion from vaccine injuries and deaths.

11/07/2020 One Hundred (100) dead in So. Korea from annual flu vaccine.

12/09/2020 Six (6) people died during Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine trial but the FDA was not concerned. FDA has no concerns over deaths in Pfizer vaccine trial (

12/09/2020 UK warns Pfizer vaccine should not be taken by people with a history of allergies. Covid vaccine allergy warning after UK health workers with allergy history suffer reaction to Pfizer/BioNTech shot – CNN

12/11/2020 Here is a “White Paper” published by a group of Doctors from the World Doctors Alliance advocating the prohibition of any mandatory Covid-19 vaccine programs.

01/06/2021 A Miami Florida Doctor died after Pfizer vaccine complications of autoimmune disease and eventual stroke. All reports say he was healthy prior to being vaccinated.   Death of Florida doctor following COVID-19 vaccine under investigation (

01/14/2021 – Dr. Jerry L. Spivak, an expert on blood disorders at Johns Hopkins University, told the New York Times Tuesday that he believes ‘it is a medical certainty’ that Pfizer’s COVID vaccine caused the death of Dr. Gregory Michael.  – I checked to see if the Times reported

12/16/2020 Eight-four percent (84%) of those vaccinated showed injection site reactions “You sometimes get some redness, some warmth, a little bit of mild swelling or firmness around the site of the injection. That’s very typical,” “It can be a little tender, it can hurt to move the arm a little bit,”, Participants were more likely to report such symptoms following the second dose of the vaccine. “The reaction to the second dose tends to be a little more of an intense response, which does make sense, considering your immune system has been exposed already,” Heinz told Healthline. What We Know About the Side Effects of Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine (

12/17/2020 A health worker in Alaska suffered a serious allergic reaction after getting Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine and is now hospitalized but stable, a report said Wednesday. Two health workers in Britain had similar allergic reactions, causing the government there to tell people to avoid getting the shot if they had a history of severe allergies. SAMAA – US health worker has serious allergic reaction to Pfizer vaccine

12/30/2020 A person in Switzerland has died after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, Reuters reported Wednesday. SAMAA – Switzerland reports first death after Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine shot

01/04/2021 A Portuguese health care worker dies just two days after being vaccinated. She was believed to be healthy prior to the inoculation. Portuguese woman dies two days after getting Pfizer covid vaccine | Daily Mail Online

Update 01/07/2021: Norway urgently changes vaccination guidelines after 23 dead.

As of 01/16/2021, 55 people have died after receiving both the Moderna and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines, according to the reports. The reporting system, the VACCINE ADVERSE EVENT REPORTING SYSTEM (VAERS), is a U.S. Federal database. The system is passive, meaning reports aren’t automatically collected and must be filed. VAERS reports can be filed by anyone, including health care providers, patients, or family members. In addition to the DEATHS, people have reported 96 life-threatening events following COVID-19 vaccinations, as well as 24 permanent disabilities, 225 hospitalizations, and 1,388 emergency room visits.

01/16/2021: A 51 year old employee died in Moradabad hospital in India dies one day after COVID-19 vaccination.

Update 01/18/2021: Norway has again upped their number to 29 deaths from the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

01/18/2021: Health Care Workers refusing vaccine is growing problem. While there is no national data showing the number of health workers who have declined to be vaccinated, Governors, public health officials and health care executives have sounded the alarm on what appears to be a higher than expected refusal rate.

01/18/2021 A New York Nursing home is reporting both cases and deaths from Covid-19 following vaccinations of their residents, exactly 1 week later. The Commons on St. Anthony had no cases or death prior to the vaccinations. Coronavirus outbreak ensues following vaccination of residents at nursing home (

As of 01/19/2021: In Germany, where more than 800,000 people have received their first of two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, the Paul Ehrlich Institute has investigated at least seven cases of elderly people dying shortly after vaccination. In its report, it said the deaths were probably due to the patients’ underlying diseases including carcinomas, kidney deficiencies and Alzheimer’s, not the inoculation.

01/26/2021 California man dies several hours after receiving COVID vaccine, cause of death unclear.

01/26/2021 No Updates yet after two nursing home patients died immediately following Vaccinations.  Norway investigating death of two people who received Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine, World News |

02/05/2021 143 Brits died shortly after their Covid jobs but Vaccines ‘didn’t play a role’ say regulators. “There were also 75 reports of facial paralysis or paresis from people after having both vaccines, the report found.”

03/02/2021 35 Nuns vaccinated in Kentucky, two dead, and 26 others tested positive.

02/10/2021 Four health care workers in Italy, including a Doctor all died from heart attacks after taking the Pfizer/BioNtech Vaccine. Italy: A Doctor and 3 Other Health Professionals Die After RNA COVID Vaccinations (

As of 03/01/2021, Over 900 deaths, after taking Covide-19 vaccines, reported so far through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in the United States – – Of course ”experts” say the reporting is being misinterpreted. Many people around the world have been saying that about the PCR testing, total cases and deaths being reported by the various governments.

03/05/2021 – Doctor who mocked coronavirus vaccine refusers dies days after getting jabbed:

03/06/2021 – South Korean government investigates 7 deaths that followed Covid-19 vaccinations with AstraZeneca’s jab.

03/07/2021 Austria halts batch of AstraZeneca Vaccine after a death and a serious adverse reaction:

03/09/2021 Canadian Nursing home outbreak and deaths “after” taking the vaccine.

03/11/2021 Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia suspend AstraZeneca Covid vaccine after reports of potentially fatal blood clots.

As of 03/11/2021 – 1739 Dead and 38.440 injuries reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

03/13/2021 Former boxer Tommy Hearns says Marvin Hagler died in the ICU from complications of vaccine.

03/18/2021 Norwegian Doctor Claims To Find Link Between AstraZeneca Vaccine And Rare Blood Clots –

03/21/2021 08:43 am ET Updated 1 day ago – 2 People In Denmark Suffer Brain Hemorrhages After AstraZeneca Vaccines, 1 Dies.

03/23/2021 According to various reports young people are dying from the recent emergency approved Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Desiree Penrod, dead at 25 and Benjamin Goodman, dead at 31 both within 1 week of their vaccinations.

03/26/2021 – 68-Year-Old Woman Dies After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine: Family

03/28/2021 – North Carolina College Professor DEAD After Johnson and Johnson COVID Shot. “The local medical examiner did something that is almost unheard of, and wrote that the vaccine was one of the “significant conditions contributing to her death.” –

03/30/2021 – It’s called “Breakthrough” when people get the coronavirus after

getting vaccinated and 2 elderly people reportedly died of the 109 breakthrough cases being reported in Washington State.

12/20/2020 Video – A large group of Doctors from around the world give there opinion on the pandemic and warn not to take any of the experimental Covid-19 vaccines.

04/06/21 – Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte has tested positive for the coronavirus, his office said. Gianforte, who had received his first COVID-19 shot last week, received a positive test result Monday after deciding to take the test ‘out of an abundance of caution’ as he was exhibiting mild symptoms a day prior, his office said in a statement. At his doctor’s orders, the 59-year-old Republican governor will be isolating for 10 days.”

04/07/2021 – EU medicines regulator finds possible link between AstraZeneca Covid vaccine and blood clots.

04/07/2021 – Bombshell: Moderna Chief Medical Officer Admits mRNA Alters DNA

04/07/2021 – 246 people test positive for Covid-19 and 3 dead in Michigan after taking Covid-19 vaccines –

04/08/2021 – Attorney Midwin Charles, legal analysis for MSNBC and promoter of vaccines, dies just days after receiving 2nd dose of Covid-19 vaccine. Suffering from asthma, qualified her to be vaccinated.

04/14/2021 – More cases and deaths after taking vaccines, reported from around the country.

04/24/2021 – India’s Public Health Ambassador and celebrity dies the day after taking the Covid-19 jab.

06/2020: In a video interview Bill Gates admits 700,000. mostly the elderly people will die from the vaccines. At that time when he did the interview, only about 380,000 people had died worldwide for the Coronavirus.

2020 Election Cycle Spending by Big Pharma:

  • Spending on pharmaceutical industry lobbying also reached a record amount in 2020, at more than $306 million, compared to $299 million in 2019.
  • There were 1,502 pharmaceutical lobbyists in 2020, 63.58% of whom were former government employees.
  • The top pharmaceutical lobbyist in 2020 was the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), which spent $25.9 million, making them the third top lobbying spender overall.
  • The marketing of prescription drugs, health services, laboratory tests and disease awareness rose to $29.9 billion in 2016.


  • The Wellcome Trust is a top funder of health research globally and has been a major player in the COVID-19 pandemic, even though it’s invested heavily in companies making COVID-19 treatments.



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