The COUNTER INSURGENCY STUDIES & OBSERVATION GROUP (COINSOG) established 1991, has determined, the American civilian population face a clear and present danger, posed by usurpers embedded within the central government and several states of the union who willfully, carrying out genocidal measures ‘what many are calling  a “PLANDEMIC”, under the guise of fending off a pandemic, now partially admitted as being of their own creation.

Whereas, the American civilian population now face death, disabilities, loss of their children and livelihoods along with planned restrictions of their normal activities, all exacted by clearly unconstitutional and unlawful mandates by those who vacated their Oath’s of Office and using public funds to deny the power of the Constitution. Every one of these usurpers have clearly engaged in insurrection, treasons and plot’s, having co-opted the duly constituted republic too their own nefarious or globalist ends and thus according to the Constitution they “shall not hold office”. REF: Sect.3 (insurrection clause) of 14th Amend.

Whereas, any use of public funds to deny the power of the constitution is defined as insurrection, when there are two or more actors to the same insurrection it becomes an act of treason. REF: In re Charge to Grand Jury, N.D. ILL. (1894), 62 F. 828

Whereas, the House has the power of impeachment and the Senate has the power of trials unrelated to the ‘insurrection clause’ THUS  both Houses of Congress and the Courts, both Federal and State, therefore lack the powers to conduct tribunals for insurgents under the “insurrection clause”. Why? It would be akin to having a fox guard your unlocked hen house…

Whereas, the authority for counter insurgency tribunals of Federal and State Officials, Judicial Officials and military personnel engaged in insurrection, treasons and plots, rest solely upon the “military assets loyal to the Constitution and/or the American civilian counter insurgency assets” as sheltered within Section 4 (bounty clause) of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution for the United States of America. The Department Of Defense dictionary defines a counter insurgency as a military and or civilian effort.

Whereas, both Houses of Congress shall honor nor shall they question the public debt of the United States, for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection and rebellion by those cited in Section 3 (insurrection clause) of the 14th Amendment.

Whereas, the American civilian population, has the right, on might even call a Duty, and  every right to stand armed as counter insurgents under Section 4 (bounty clause) of the 14th Amendment to conduct a counter insurgency along with tribunals of those cited in Section 3 (insurrection clause) of the 14th Amendment who have violated their Oaths of Office.

The following commentary, is as true today in NOV 2021 as it was when penned in 1833. EXCERPT’ reason for the militia; “to stand against any arbitrary government and its usurped powers as reiterated by Supreme Court Justice Story in Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States Vol. 3 at pp. 746-747 (1833).

Whereas, usurpers have maliciously attacked the 2nd Amendment, for the sole purpose to disarm the American civilian population of modern weapons that could be used to restore the duly constituted republic. FACT: Your enemies, the enemies of the duly constituted republic will bring all the modern weaponry you would ever need, “you just have to take them”, not a task for the meek and timid of society, but is it not, the property of we the taxpayers?

Whereas, nowhere within the text of the 2nd Amendment can you find the phrase “but in a manner to be prescribed by law”, meaning law, any law that prohibits, limits, bans, creates a data base requires a permit, tax or other infringement of privately owned arms is insurrection and when there are two (2) or more actors to the same insurrection it becomes an act of treason By simply enacting any law the diminishes the guaranteed right within the 2nd Amendment, they have broken their Oath of Office

Now, you know the truth, just what you plan to do, will determine if freedom and liberty prevails or whether or not you fall forever to Marxist usurpers, their NEW WORLD ORDER and GREAT RESET.

04 Nov. 2021 COINSOG

Published by HSkipRob

Author, Real Estate and Business Consultant. Affinity Realty Services LLC; Author: The Achilles Heel; The IRS Notice Federal Tax Lien, Inventor; Robinson Vertical Axis Wind and Water turbines. Blog Admin/Owner -, an Online News and Justice Forum and Right To Choice; a taxpayer's right to choose.

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