The Game Plan

The Game Plan is actually pretty simple and doesn’t require much time other than choosing the short, medium, or long form addendum and deciding where you want your money to be spent. Even if you have a tax preparer or CPA doing your taxes, you can simply attach the addendum to the Return they have prepared.   

The politicians, bureaucracy, and government contractors are not going to willingly hand over the proverbial keys to the money pit some call the swamp. We are going to have to figuratively force their hands.

We do this by creating and filing our own 1040 tax returns that incorporate an addendum with our ability to select those social programs we support or those we do not support. If enough people do this, they are going to have a difficult time denying the will of the people, as our democratic Republic, Constitution, and Bill of Rights endorse. The more people that do this the more likely we are to be successful.

It’s really that simple and we must be brave, diligent, and unrelenting in this pursuit. We can not let the ruling class discourage us with their fear tactics, so often used to gain compliance or acquiescence. They have placed such tax burdens on the civilian population, that we can rely on the legal concept of self-defense to justify our actions. It’s time to remake America.

We can do this and still stay within the laws they enforce even if they do not accept the returns we file. If you receive a notice that they did not accept your return, simply remove the addendum and refile the 1040 return to meet your legal obligations.  

The failure of the Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury to accept our returns then opens the door to legal and social remedies.  

It’s a huge mountain to climb but political power comes in numbers and we are going to make this process as simple as possible so more people will participate.

Your privacy will be protected by this organization under the laws of the United States of America and we will do everything in our power to protect both your privacy and rights. Recommendations are surely desired and appreciated.   

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