Our Mission

We have not been able to accomplish what Thomas Jefferson predicted. The Constitution and Bill of Rights did not restrain the government in its size, costs, or scope of powers. Instead, the majority have been burdened with over 120 different taxes, regulatory fees, fines and penalties as the Federal Government costs have skyrocketed to $6 trillion for just fiscal year 2021.  

Rebuilding our Democratic Republic One American at a Time

We are an organization dedicated to improving how our democratic republics function. Yes, each state is guaranteed a republic. We believe the Taxpayers should have the right to choose which government programs they want to pay for with their income tax dollars and receive the necessary knowledge from their elected representatives to make the best choices. This would guarantee a representative government and obviously, the existing system does not.

Our Belief

We have observed and believe that unbridled government can not be restrained by simply voting, oftentimes stuck with trying to vote for the lesser of two evils, knowing the majority of them are really representing various special interest groups at the majority’s expense. Our mission is to create a system that allows the taxpayers to have a dominant voice on how much, what, when, and where their tax dollars are spent.

If we are to continue to pay taxes on our labor we exchange for the currency they create, the income tax return form 1040 and others can easily be modified to allow such choices for the taxpayers. Or perhaps we should choose the abolish the taxes on our labor  all together. It is our choice, not some else’s.   

It can be as simple as a group of checkboxes, pull-down tabs, and blank spaces where the amount and/or the percentages of money you want to pay can be input, through an online filing system similar to what many companies already now offer.

With Blockchain, Encryption, and other technologies we have the ability to do this, now all we need is the will of the majority.

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